Hypax TP 10

Calcium soap of oxidised
wax in oil

Product description

Hypax TP 10 is a calcium soap of Hypax 450 oxidate which has been in use for many years as an ingredient in preservatives for the protection of precision parts in hostile environments. The absence of solvent allows for the formulation of products used in environments where low flash point products are unacceptable.

Hypax TP10 can be used as a base to formulate products to meet spec. MIL-C-11796 CLASS 3.

High active products (low VOC) and hot melt preservatives can readily be formulated.

Hypax TP 10 is a major component in wire rope lubricants exposed to severe salt-water atmospheres.


Typical analysis

Property Test Units Analysis
Appearance Visual   Soft brown solid
Non volatile content 1 hour @150°C % w/w 98.0
Melting point ASTM D127 °C 50
Melting point (dry soap) ASTM D127 °C 115-135
Flash point ASTM D92 °C > 180
Relative density @15.5°C   0.92
Ca content   % w/w 1.30



Hypax TP 10 is usually blended with barium, sodium or calcium sulphonates, oil and/or solvent, and for enhanced water displacement 1 or 2% of 2-butoxyethanol (CAS no. 111-76-2).

For wire rope lubricants Hypax TP 10 is combined with colloidal graphite and sodium molybdenum disulphide dispersions, along with polybutenes.



Hypax TP 10 is available in 170Kg net weight steel drums or 900Kg IBCs.
The recommended shelf life of this product is 2 years.



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