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Oxywax Ltd is now part of Fulbeck Limited. Fulbeck are based in the North East of England and have been making the Oxywax range of Hypax additives for more than 20 years.

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Visit: Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, United Kingdom, DL5 6TX

Metal working additives

For Areospace, Automotive etc

Recommended Products:
Hypax TP10, Hypax 152/2

Recommended Products:
Hypax 152/2, Hypax TP10, Hypax 193

Recommended Products:
Hypax Solcor

Lubrication additives

For Areospace, Automotive etc

Recommended Products:
Hypax TP10, Hypax 7205

Recommended Products:
Hypax SD80

Fully formulated corrosion preventatives

Our Ready to use Products

Hypax Rusteze can be applied by spraying or dipping to protect steel stored in area of high humidity, salt spray or acid fume environments. Data Sheet >

Hypax Chain and Wire Rope lubricant HD can be diluted with oils or solvents to get the desired consistency for the specific use required, allowing it to be dip or brush coated onto the surface of the metal object. Data Sheet >

Hypax VCI oil is an anti-corrosive liquid with the additional benefit of vapour phase protection. Data Sheet >

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