Hypax Solcor

Corrosion Inhibitor (Aqueous)


Product description

Hypax Solcor is a concentrated aqueous solution of corrosion inhibiting chemicals based on amine salts of organic and inorganic acids. Hypax Solcor is soluble in water, glycols and other polar liquids and can be used in metalworking fluids, pressure testing fluids, synthetic lubricants, cooling systems and many other situations where corrosion can be a problem. Hypax Solcor is biostable, nitrite free and contains no secondary amines.


Typical analysis




Typical Analysis




Slightly hazy liquid


5% in water


8 – 10.5

Boiling point






% w/w




Hypax Solcor can be used at 10–20% in metalworking fluid concentrates.

When used with additional benzotriazole salts, mixed metal corrosion inhibition can be improved and PAG type additives can be used to reduce friction if required. Lower levels of 1-2% can be used in leak testing, cooling systems, cleaners and highlighting fluids to prevent corrosion.



Hypax Solcor is available in 200Kg steel drums and 1000 litre IBCs or as required by the customer.




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