Hypax Rusteze

Corrosion Preventive Liquid


Product description

Hypax Rusteze is specially formulated complete heavy-duty corrosion preventive for use on cast iron and steel, and non-ferrous metal items. It dries to leave a strong corrosion preventive film with excellent resistance to corrosion in harsh environments such as saline. Hypax Rusteze is used in applications requiring protection to MIL-PRF-16173E. The deposited film typically gives 3 years indoor protection or 12 months outdoor protection minimum.


Typical analysis




Typical Analysis




Brown paste/grease

Film type



Firm wax like

Solids content


% w/w






Flash Point

ASTM D – 92





Hypax Rusteze can be applied by spraying or dipping to protect steel stored in area of high humidity, salt spray or acid fume environments. Typical use levels would be at 8 – 10 m2 / litre dependant on thickness of film required.  The addition of a additional hydrocarbon solvent and a small amount of butyl oxitol (CAS. No. 111-76-2) can help dewatering properties for a thin film temporary protective. Films can easily be removed with a solvent based degreaser. 



Hypax Rusteze is available in 170 Kg steel drums and 900kg IBCs or as required by the customer.

The recommended shelf life of this product is 2 years.


This information is supplied in good faith to assist customers to assess the applicability of the material in their own products. No warranties are implied or given.  

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