Hypax OW 152/2

Soft tacky oxidised wax


Product description

Hypax OW152/2 is a soft oxidised wax which has a smooth but tacky consistency, alongside high acid and SAP values. This makes it an ideal product for both reacting on further and for blending with other additives to create a finished product. It is suitable for formulating anything from oil soluble anticorrosive coatings to heavy-duty lubricants.

This product provides a continuous cohesive pale coloured film when applied to polished metal surfaces and is ideal for coating applications where edge protection is essential or where low temperature adhesion and flexibility is required.

Typical analysis

Property Test Units Typical Analysis
Appearance     Amber soft wax
Acid number ASTM D974 mg KOH/g 45
Saponification  number ASTM D94 mg KOH/g 90
Melting  point ASTM D127 °C 52
Flash point ASTM D93 °C 120
Relative density @15.5°C ASTM D1298 °C 0.92


Hypax OW 152/2 can be reacted with overbased barium or calcium sulphonates or calcium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide or amines. Reaction vessels must be charged at no more than 60% of their total volume to handle the foaming which results during neutralisation. Final temperature must be above 120°C to remove water of reaction. Hypax OW152/2 can also be reacted with alcohols to make esters, or blended with desired raw materials.


Hypax OW152/2 is available in 170Kg steel drums or as required by the customer.



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