Hypax Chain
and Wire rope Lubricant HD

Concentrated chain and
wire rope lubricant

Product description

Hypax chain and wire rope lubricant HD is a concentrated product made of a complex mixture of anticorrosive materials, oils, lubricity agents and polybutene. It is designed to penetrate, lubricate and protect the surface of
chains, gears and wire ropes to give excellent performance.

This product has anti-flick properties and so will remain on the surface of working parts for substantial periods of
time and will protect and lubricate ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces.


Typical analysis

Property Test Units Typical Analysis
Appearance Visual   Greyish viscous liquid
Melting point ASTM D127 °C Liquid at room temperature
Viscosity @20°C Brookfield 60000-90000 (after 24hrs)



Hypax chain and wire rope lubricant HD can be diluted with oils or solvents to get the desired consistency for the specific use required, allowing it to be dip or brush coated onto the surface of the metal object.



Wire rope lubricant is available in 170Kg steel drums and 900Kg IBCs or as required by the customer.
The recommended shelf life of the product is 2 years.



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