Hypax 450-20-50 A3

Calcium soap of oxidised wax
in solvent


Product description

Hypax 450-20-50 A3 is a calcium soap of Hypax 450 oxidate which is used to formulate products to meet the requirements of MIL-C-16173D-4 and related specifications for automotive cavity and underbody protection.

The product is also used as a water displacing preservative coating for crude oil drilling pipes exposed to severe
salt-water attack.

Hypax 450-20-50 A3 will deposit a soft wax film after solvent evaporation which will provide self-healing properties when the film is disrupted due to abrasion.

Typical analysis

Property Test Units Typical Analysis
Appearance Visual   Soft brown solid
Melting point (supplied) ASTM D127 °C 20-35
Melting point (dry soap) ASTM D127 °C 100-130
Flash point ASTM D92 °C 40
Relative density @15.5°C   0.92
Non volatile content 1 hour @150°C % w/w 56.0


Hypax 450-20-50 A3 is usually blended with barium, sodium or calcium sulphonates, oil and/or solvent and for enhanced water displacement 1 or 2% of 2-butoxyethanol (CAS no. 111-76-2). For harder films, high melting point waxes are added along with powdered calcium carbonate or talc. For thixotropic films, crystalline calcium sulphonates are incorporated at typically 10% w/w.
At under 40% solids there may be some instability in solution.


Hypax 450-20-50 A3 is available in 170Kg net weight steel drums or as required by the customer.
The recommended shelf life of this product is 2 years.



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