Hypax 193

Corrosion Protective Calcium Based Package


Product description

Hypax 193 is a complex blend of oxidate calcium soaps, sulphonates, selected waxes and polybutenes. It is useful for cavity wax protection and will protect ferrous and non-ferrous metal articles having good lubricity, flexibility and adhesion even at low temperatures.

Hypax 193 is a good base for formulations used to protect and lubricate precision metal parts, and having excellent anti-flick properties it can also be used on moving parts such as chains and wire ropes.


Typical analysis




Typical Analysis




Brown Grease

Non volatile content

1 hour @ 150 °C

% w/w


Melting Point

ASTM D – 127



Flash Point

ASTM D- 92



Calcium content


% w/w


Viscosity (100 °C)

ASTM D – 445





Hypax 193 is typically used at 20% w/w in solvent such as white spirits, or sometimes in oil. When diluted with solvent the preparations have exceptional water resistance along with flexibility and good adhesion at extremely low temperatures. The soft film deposited provides a transparent film which creates a powerful hydrophobic barrier against permeating vapours and can function as the initial start up lubricant for precision metal assemblies.



Independent laboratory testing showed dip applied in 20% solution in white spirits obtained 72 hr salt spray testing and 10% solution in white spirits passed 60 days humidity cabinet testing. (Film thickness Ca.2 micron). The recommended shelf life of this product is 2 years.



Hypax 193 is available in 170 Kg steel drums or as required by the customer.


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