Hypax 1409 BBS

Corrosion Preventive Liquid

 Product description

Hypax 1409 BBS is a barium salt of an oxidised wax. This product can be used as a base in water displacing and acid fume resistant anticorrosive films. It has good low temperature adhesion and penetration with self-healing properties and is also non-staining.


Typical analysis

Property Test Units Typical Analysis
Appearance Visual   Brown paste/grease
Drop point ASTM D127 35-46
Barium content By calculation % 2.6
Acid value ASTM D974 mg KOH/g 28
SAP value ASTM D94 mg KOH/g 92



Hypax 1409 BBS is usually blended further with waxes or oils to alter film hardness, or butyl oxitol at 1-2% to improve water displacing properties. It can be diluted with either oil or solvent depending on the customer’s requirement for application by brushing, dipping or spraying.



Hypax 1409 BBS is available in 170Kg steel drums and 1000 litre IBCs or as required by the customer.
The recommended shelf life of this product is 2 years.



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